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Search Engine Optimisation or commonly known as SEO is the process and techniques used to achieve your website coming up on the first page of Google when people are searching for your products and/or services. The higher your pages in the search results the more chance potential clients have to see your products and services, and choose to do business with you as opposed to a competitor.


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You can now know what slice of the Google Pie your business has!

What information does our full SEO report contain?

Total Monthly Searches – Our report will identify all the searches conducted on Google each month relating to your business.

Share of Voice – The report will tell you what is the chance someone will visit your website or business from each search result.

Estimated Traffic – This is the average estimated amount of website visitors your website currently generates each month from these searches.

Average Position – You will see what is your websites average position on Google across all popular searched terms each month.

Visibility – How frequently is your business being listed and seen, even if not visited for each of the popular search terms each month.

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Be empowered, know if people can find you one Google and how you stack against your competitors!!

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What our Customers are saying about working with SMP

recieving a report that showed me where our website rated on Google and being able to compare that with my compeition was a game changer.

Matthew P.


The information provided was very helpful for me and my bosses when deciding what we should do with our marketin.

Kerri W.


To see where my business was on Google in comparison to others helped understand how my website was working and where i should drill down further.

John C.


Very beneficial to see how our specific division of the practice rated and how many people where lookng on Google.

James B.


SMP great company to bring your ideas to life. Had fun working with the team at SMP and look forward to the next project with them.

Russell O.


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